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When is the next walk?

Below are all the North Somerset Strollers walks. Click here for Posters for individual groups.

Walks are rated to help you decide if they meet your needs and abilities using the
following 1, 2, 3 rating system. Walks are up to an hour long.

1 : Easy, mainly flat road, footpath, town or beach route
2 : Some gentle slopes and some uneven terrain. Or flat route at a slightly faster pace.
3 : Steeper slopes with variable conditions

Autumn walks

Day                 Meeting Place                                                Group


01-Sep             FRIEND, Old St                                                 Clevedon

01-Sep             St James Parish Hall                                         Winscombe

03-Sep             Library, High Street                                          Yatton

07-Sep             Grove Sports Centre                                        Nailsea

07-Sep             Parish Wharf Leisure Centre                             Portishead

07-Sep             Ship & Castle, Congresbury                             Weston

08-Sep             Woodborough Inn                                            Winscombe

14-Sep             Grove Sports Centre                                        Nailsea

14-Sep             Hornets Rugby Club, Hutton Moor Road          Weston

18-Sep             Community Centre, Princes Rd                         Clevedon

21-Sep             Grove Sports Centre                                        Nailsea

21-Sep             Parish Wharf Leisure Centre                             Portishead

21-Sep             Bleadon Village Hall                                           Weston

22-Sep             Woodborough Inn                                              Winscombe

28-Sep             The Café, Lake Grounds, Portishead                Nailsea

28-Sep             Uphill Way Car Park, Uphill                                 Weston


01-Oct             Library, High Street                                          Yatton

05-Oct             Scotch Horn Leisure Centre                              Nailsea

05-Oct             Lake Grounds Café                                          Portishead

05-Oct             Old Pier, Prince Consort Gardens                     Weston

06-Oct             FRIEND, Old Street                                            Clevedon

06-Oct             St James Parish Hall                                          Winscombe

12-Oct             Scotch Horn Leisure Centre                              Nailsea

12-Oct             Grand Pier, Weston                                          Weston

13-Oct             Woodborough Inn                                            Winscombe

15-Oct             Library, High Street                                          Yatton

16-Oct             Community Centre, Princes Rd                         Clevedon

19-Oct             Scotch Horn Leisure Centre                              Nailsea

19-Oct             Lake Grounds Café                                          Portishead

19-Oct             Argos, Worle                                                   Weston

26-Oct             Leigh Woods, off A369                                    Nailsea

26-Oct             Nightjar Pub, Mead Vale                                  Weston

27-Oct             Woodborough Inn                                            Winscombe


02-Nov            Grove Sports Centre                                        Nailsea

02-Nov            Marine Health Centre, Harbour Road               Portishead

02-Nov            Clarence Park Café, Clarence Park                  Weston

03-Nov            FRIEND, Old Street                                           Clevedon

03-Nov            St James Parish Hall                                         Winscombe

05-Nov            Library, High Street                                          Yatton

09-Nov            Grove Sports Centre                                        Nailsea

09-Nov            West St Car Park, Banwell                               Weston

10-Nov            Woodborough Inn                                            Winscombe

16-Nov            Grove Sports Centre                                        Nailsea

16-Nov            Marine Health Centre, Harbour Road               Portishead

16-Nov            Top Café, Ashcombe Park                               Weston

19-Nov            Library, High Street                                          Yatton

20-Nov            Community Centre, Princes Rd                         Clevedon

23-Nov            Grove Sports Centre                                        Nailsea

23-Nov            Opposite Matalan                                             Weston

24-Nov            Woodborough Inn                                            Winscombe

30-Nov            Burrington  - TBA                                            Nailsea


More about the individual groups. Click here for posters

Weston Strollers (Every Monday 2pm) and (summer evening walks Wednesdays 7pm)
Look out for launch of Uphill Health walks! on the 2, 3 and 4 May 2009! For more info. call 01934 415581 or visit www.uphillvillage.org.uk
Terry 01934 621 368


Winscombe Strollers
Meet on the 2nd and 4th Tues. of month at 11.00 a.m at front of Woodborough pub for 1 hr walk.
Also on 1st Tues of month inside St. James Church hall at 10.30 am for a Coffee before our walk at
11 am (or meet us outside at 11 for just walk)
Tim 01934 842554


Nailsea Strollers (Every Monday at 11am meeting at various locations) 30 minute and 1 hour
walks options are provided every time! No walks on bank holiday Mondays.
John Wilson 01275 852942

Yatton Strollers

Our regular walks take approximately 1 hour and start at 2 pm on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of
every month. We meet at the Glebelands next to the village hall on the high street.
Marion 01934 833605

Clevedon Strollers  After a break we are now planning walks from 6th Jan 09!
Liz 01275 546746

Portishead Strollers - Fortnightly on Mondays at 11 am.
Call Anne Brain 01275 374 867




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