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Go4Life is a local North Somerset project to encourage and support people to get physically active in their
everyday life.

What is physical activity?

Physical activity includes all types of exercise (recreational walking and cycling, organised and informal sport)
that makes you feel warmer and your breathing and heartbeat faster.

How can Go4Life help you?

The Go4Life team are available to work with local communities to reduce barriers and develop physical
activity opportunities for inactive people.

Inactive means those of you who do not take part it the recommended amount of 3 x 30 minutes a week of
physical activity.

If you are inactive why not sign up to the free Go4Life membership scheme and our co-ordinators will be
available providing support and help to get you active.

Go4Life can support the community in a variety of ways:


Details of facilities, activities and contacts available to you in the local community


The team can offer advice to ensure you are aware of what is available


Initial support for individuals and groups is available, giving you the tools to succeed long-term


Information is provided to assist groups and individuals overcome barriers to getting involved in physical

Go4Life Fund

The Go4Life project can help in establishing new physical activity opportunities by:

For further information and an application form contact Go4Life.

How to contact Go4Life

If you would like to be involved in being more active by becoming a Go4Life member or supporting physical
activity opportunities in your area please contact the team on:

01275 812043 or email sport@n-somerset.gov.uk

Contact address: Community Involvement Office, Somerset Square, Nailsea, North Somerset, BS48 1RQ


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